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Empowering Innovation and Achievement

At Cahero EPC, our leadership team stands as the unyielding cornerstone of our success. Each member brings a wealth of experience, meticulously honed through years of dedication, hard work, and relentless pursuit of excellence in their respective fields. Their collective expertise and strategic insights form the bedrock upon which our company is built, creating a strong foundation for sustained growth and innovation.

United by a shared commitment to excellence, our leaders embody the core values and principles that drive us forward. They lead by example, fostering a culture of innovation, integrity, and continuous improvement throughout the organization. Their visionary thinking not only guides our current initiatives but also paves the way for our future growth and achievements, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry.

The leadership team's unwavering dedication to our mission inspires every member of the Cahero EPC family. Their forward-looking approach and strategic foresight enable us to navigate challenges with confidence and seize opportunities with enthusiasm. They are the driving force that propels us toward new horizons, pushing us to scale greater heights and achieve unparalleled success.

Through their exemplary leadership, we are empowered to exceed expectations, deliver outstanding results, and make a lasting impact in our industry. Our leaders’ ability to inspire and motivate is reflected in the achievements of our entire team. By setting high standards and fostering a collaborative environment, they ensure that every employee feels valued and empowered to contribute to our collective success.

At Cahero EPC, we are proud to be led by such a dynamic and inspirational team. Their vision and dedication continue to drive our journey toward excellence and innovation. They are not just leaders but mentors and champions of our core values, guiding us to uphold the highest standards in all our endeavors. Their commitment to sustainable growth and ethical practices ensures that we remain a trusted partner to our clients and a responsible corporate citizen.

In summary, our leadership team at Cahero EPC is more than just a group of executives; they are the architects of our vision and the stewards of our legacy. Their strategic direction, combined with their passion for excellence, empowers us to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible, making a significant impact in our industry and beyond. We are confident that with their guidance, Cahero EPC will continue to thrive and reach new pinnacles of success.

At the helm is Alfonso Cahero, our Chairman, Founder, and CEO. His name is synonymous with the inception of Cahero EPC, a visionary leader who breathed life into a dream in 2003. With a wealth of experience and an unyielding passion for executing large-scale projects, Alfonso Cahero has not only shaped the company but has also guided it through every milestone with unwavering dedication to excellence. His leadership journey began with a bold vision to create an enterprise capable of transcending borders and industries, delivering world-class Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solutions.

Alfonso's foresight and strategic acumen have been instrumental in transforming Cahero EPC from a local startup in Mexico City into a multinational powerhouse. His ability to anticipate industry trends, coupled with his relentless pursuit of innovation, has ensured that the company remains at the forefront of the EPC sector. Under his guidance, Cahero EPC has consistently expanded its capabilities, taking on some of the most complex and challenging projects worldwide.

Beyond his technical expertise and business acumen, Alfonso Cahero is deeply committed to the core values of integrity, quality, and sustainability. He instills these principles into every facet of the company, fostering a culture where excellence is the standard, and every team member is inspired to reach their highest potential. His vision, characterized by a global perspective and an inclusive approach, continues to be our North Star, steering Cahero EPC towards new horizons and ensuring that we not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Through his leadership, Alfonso Cahero has cemented a legacy of excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication that will guide Cahero EPC for years to come.

Alfonso Cahero

Chairman, Founder & CEO

Leadership that Shapes Our Destiny

In the dynamic world of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solutions, strong leadership is not merely an advantage; it's the very essence of our identity. At Cahero EPC, our leadership team exemplifies this essence, guiding the company with a blend of strategic vision and unwavering commitment to excellence. Each member brings a wealth of experience, diverse perspectives, and a shared dedication to driving the company's mission forward. They steer the company with a firm hand, ensuring stability and reliability, while simultaneously nurturing a culture of innovation and growth. This dual focus allows us to remain adaptable in the face of industry challenges and to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in EPC. By fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive, our leaders empower our teams to excel, ensuring that every project we undertake is executed with precision, integrity, and a forward-thinking approach. Their leadership not only defines our strategic direction but also inspires a collective commitment to achieving outstanding results for our clients and stakeholders.

We are here to assist you. Whether you have inquiries about our services, want to discuss a potential project, or simply need more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


As our Chief Operating Officer, Diana Tirado orchestrates the intricate operations of Cahero EPC with unparalleled expertise and precision. Her seasoned leadership ensures that every facet of the company operates efficiently and effectively, maintaining seamless coordination across various departments. Diana's strategic vision and meticulous attention to detail are the driving forces behind our day-to-day operations and long-term growth. She is instrumental in streamlining processes, optimizing resource allocation, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Her ability to anticipate challenges and implement innovative solutions has been pivotal in steering Cahero EPC towards sustained success and operational excellence. Under her guidance, the company not only meets but consistently exceeds its performance benchmarks, solidifying our reputation as a leader in the EPC industry.

Diana Tirado

Chief Operating Officer

Manuel Gallardo, as Chief Project Officer, carries the responsibility of ensuring the flawless execution of our projects. With a meticulous eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, he orchestrates the symphony of each project, ensuring that it harmonizes with the highest standards of quality. Manuel’s strategic oversight and expertise in project management are pivotal in coordinating all aspects of our projects, from initial planning to final delivery. His ability to foresee potential challenges and proactively implement solutions ensures that each project progresses smoothly and efficiently. Under his leadership, our projects not only meet but often exceed client expectations, reinforcing Cahero EPC’s reputation for delivering outstanding, reliable, and high-quality EPC solutions.

Manuel Gallardo

Chief Project Officer

Victor Villalobos, our Chief Design Officer, is the creative genius who shapes our projects with a blend of artistry and practicality. His innovative designs not only captivate the eye but also enhance functionality, ensuring that our structures are not just architectural marvels but also practical and sustainable. Victor's visionary approach integrates cutting-edge design principles with a deep understanding of environmental impact and user experience. His commitment to sustainability ensures that each project not only meets the aesthetic and functional needs of today but also contributes positively to the environment and community for the future. Under his guidance, our projects embody the perfect synergy of beauty, efficiency, and responsibility, solidifying Cahero EPC’s reputation as a leader in creating transformative, enduring structures.

Victor Villalobos

Chief Design Officer

Eduardo Madero, our Chief Architecture Officer, infuses artistry and precision into our projects, ensuring each design is both a work of art and a model of environmental responsibility. His architectural expertise guarantees that our structures blend seamlessly with their surroundings, harmonizing aesthetic appeal with functional integrity. Eduardo's commitment to sustainable design principles ensures that our projects not only enhance their environments but also minimize ecological impact. His ability to merge creative vision with technical precision results in structures that are innovative, beautiful, and sustainable, reinforcing Cahero EPC's dedication to excellence and environmental stewardship in every project we undertake.

Eduardo Madero

Chief Architecture Officer

Juan Alcala, in his role as Chief Engineering Officer, takes charge of the technical aspects of our projects with exceptional expertise. His engineering acumen guarantees that our solutions are not just innovative but also reliable and efficient, consistently meeting and often surpassing the industry's highest standards. Juan's deep understanding of engineering principles and his commitment to precision ensure that every project is executed with meticulous attention to detail. His leadership fosters a culture of technical excellence, where cutting-edge engineering practices are integrated seamlessly with practical application. Under his guidance, our engineering solutions are designed to be robust, sustainable, and capable of withstanding the test of time, further solidifying Cahero EPC's reputation for delivering top-tier, reliable EPC solutions.

Juan Alcala

Chief Engineering Officer

Gissela Delgado, our Chief Procurement Officer, plays a pivotal role in optimizing our acquisition of materials, equipment, and services. Her strategic approach enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that our projects unfold seamlessly and within budget. With a keen eye for quality and value, Gissela meticulously manages the procurement process, negotiating favorable terms and fostering strong relationships with suppliers. Her expertise in supply chain management ensures the timely and reliable delivery of essential resources, minimizing disruptions and maximizing project efficiency. Under her leadership, Cahero EPC consistently achieves operational excellence and cost savings, reinforcing our commitment to delivering superior EPC solutions on time and within financial constraints.

Gissela Delado

Chief Procurement Officer

The Collective Wisdom of Our Team

Beside Alfonso Cahero, our leadership team comprises individuals of exceptional caliber who bring diverse expertise and a shared commitment to our company's vision and values. This team includes seasoned professionals with extensive experience in operational management, financial oversight, technological innovation, engineering precision, procurement strategy, and construction excellence. Their combined skills and strategic insights ensure that Cahero EPC remains at the forefront of the industry, consistently delivering high-quality, innovative solutions. Their leadership is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a deep commitment to sustainability, and an unwavering focus on meeting and exceeding client expectations. Together, they drive our company’s growth and success, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and inspiring our teams to achieve outstanding results on every project.

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