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Take a journey through our history, from our founding by Alfonso Cahero in 2003 to our growth into a leading EPC solutions provider.

Company History

Meet the dedicated individuals who drive Cahero EPC forward. Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. 

Leadership Team

Learn about our unique approach to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. Discover how we blend innovation, efficiency, and sustainability to create tailored solutions. 

Our Approach to EPC

Explore the certifications that reflect our commitment to quality, safety, and excellence in EPC services. 


Understand the diverse range of clients we've had the privilege to serve. Their trust in us drives our dedication to delivering exceptional results. 


Dive into the core of our company's ethos. Our ideology is built on integrity, transparency, and a strong work ethic. Discover the values that guide every decision we make. 

Ideology and Values

Discover the essence of Cahero EPC and explore the details that define us as a company. At Cahero EPC, we are distinguished by our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity in the engineering, procurement, and construction sectors. Our identity is rooted in delivering superior quality and cutting-edge solutions, underpinned by a team of dedicated professionals who bring a wealth of expertise and creativity to every project. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and crafting tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Our extensive experience across diverse industries, from energy to infrastructure, enables us to tackle complex challenges with precision and confidence. Safety, sustainability, and client satisfaction are at the core of our operations, driving us to adhere to the highest standards and continually push the boundaries of what is possible. As you delve into the world of Cahero EPC, you will find a company committed to turning visions into reality and forging a legacy of excellence and innovation.



Our commitment to excellence has been the cornerstone of our success and reputation in the industry. For years, Cahero EPC has been dedicated to delivering top-notch EPC solutions, designed to meet and exceed your expectations. We have crafted a legacy built upon innovation, precision, and an unyielding pursuit of quality. As you navigate through our world, you'll discover the passion and dedication that drives us to continuously raise the bar in the field of engineering and construction.

Our journey is marked by a rich history of successfully completed projects, each one a testament to our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. We have worked diligently across a diverse range of industries, from energy and infrastructure to manufacturing and beyond. This extensive experience has equipped us with the expertise needed to tackle even the most complex and challenging projects.

At Cahero EPC, we believe in the power of collaboration. We work closely with our clients, listening to their unique needs and goals, to tailor our EPC solutions specifically to their requirements. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to turning your vision into reality, ensuring the successful execution of your projects.

As you delve deeper into our offerings, you'll find a comprehensive suite of services that encompass every aspect of EPC, from initial concept and design to procurement, construction, and project management. We are committed to providing you with holistic solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every phase of our operations. From the initial consultation and planning stages to the final handover, we prioritize quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative methodologies to deliver projects that are not only completed on time and within budget but also stand the test of time.

Safety and sustainability are integral to our approach. We adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring that our projects are executed without compromising the well-being of our workforce or the surrounding communities. Our sustainable practices are designed to minimize environmental impact, promoting a greener future through responsible engineering and construction.

Explore our world of excellence, where precision meets innovation, and dedication meets results. Together, we can turn your projects into success stories, and we look forward to embarking on this journey with you. Welcome to Cahero EPC – Your Trusted Partner in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Solutions.

At Cahero EPC, our reputation is built on the trust and satisfaction of our clients. We understand that each project is unique, and we take pride in our ability to deliver customized solutions that align perfectly with your specific requirements. Our transparent communication, rigorous quality control, and commitment to continuous improvement ensure that we consistently exceed your expectations.

In conclusion, Cahero EPC stands as a beacon of excellence in the engineering, procurement, and construction industry. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction has solidified our position as a leader in the field. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain steadfast in our mission to deliver exceptional EPC solutions that drive progress and create lasting value. Thank you for choosing Cahero EPC – we are excited to be your partner in engineering and construction success.

Pioneering Excellence in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction


Explore the diverse portfolio of projects undertaken by Cahero EPC, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our extensive portfolio spans a wide array of industries, including energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, and beyond, each project reflecting our dedication to delivering superior quality and innovative solutions. From large-scale power plants and renewable energy installations to complex industrial facilities and advanced infrastructure developments, every project is a testament to our ability to meet and exceed client expectations. We have successfully managed projects of varying scales and complexities, employing state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to ensure optimal performance, safety, and sustainability. Our collaborative approach ensures that we understand and fulfill the unique needs of each client, delivering tailored solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness. At Cahero EPC, our diverse project portfolio not only highlights our technical expertise and strategic prowess but also our relentless pursuit of excellence in every endeavor.

Learn about our expertise in delivering EPC solutions for government projects, where precision and accountability are paramount.


Discover how Cahero EPC contributes to security infrastructure with cutting-edge EPC services. 


Explore our involvement in the dynamic world of oil and gas, where our EPC solutions drive efficiency and reliability. 

Oil and Gas

Understand our role in the energy sector, where sustainable and innovative EPC solutions power the future.


Explore our contributions to healthcare infrastructure, where precision and safety are paramount. 

Health Care

Discover our involvement in real estate development, shaping communities with our EPC expertise. 

Real Estate Development

Learn how Cahero EPC supports the mining industry with robust EPC solutions. 


Explore our contributions to the transportation sector, where EPC solutions keep people and goods moving efficiently. 


Understand our role in distribution infrastructure, optimizing supply chain efficiency with our EPC services. 


Explore how we assist the technology sector with advanced EPC solutions that drive innovation. 


Learn about our involvement in manufacturing, where our EPC solutions optimize production processes. 


Discover our contributions to agriculture, where EPC solutions support sustainable farming practices.


Explore our role in cattle raising, where EPC solutions contribute to efficient livestock management.

Cattle Raising

Understand our contributions to the food and beverage industry, where EPC solutions enhance production and distribution. 

Food and Beverage

Explore our involvement in the textile and apparel industry, where EPC solutions drive efficiency and quality.

Textile and Apparel

Explore how Cahero EPC serves a wide range of industries, tailoring our EPC solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector. Our expertise spans across diverse fields including energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, and telecommunications, among others. In the energy sector, we provide innovative solutions for renewable energy projects, power generation, and distribution systems, ensuring sustainable and efficient operations. For infrastructure, our services cover everything from transportation networks to urban development projects, delivering robust and future-ready solutions. In manufacturing, we offer comprehensive plant design, process optimization, and facility construction services, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. Our healthcare projects focus on creating state-of-the-art medical facilities that meet the highest standards of safety and functionality. In telecommunications, we design and implement advanced network infrastructure to support the ever-growing demand for connectivity. By leveraging our deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, Cahero EPC customizes each project to address the specific challenges and objectives of our clients, ensuring optimal outcomes and long-term success. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction drives us to deliver EPC solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards across all sectors we serve.


Our architecture services encompass the creative and technical aspects of design, ensuring that each project begins with a solid foundation of innovative and functional concepts. 


Delve into our engineering expertise, where precision and innovation come together to bring your projects to life. 


Learn about our procurement solutions, designed to optimize the acquisition of materials, equipment, and services, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 


Discover our construction services, where craftsmanship and attention to detail converge to create structures that stand the test of time. 


Explore our project management capabilities, where experienced professionals guide every project from inception to completion, ensuring success.

Project Management

Dive into our commissioning services, where meticulous testing and quality assurance guarantee that your systems and equipment operate flawlessly. 


Understand our maintenance offerings, where proactive strategies and skilled technicians keep your facilities running smoothly over the long term. 


Explore our turnkey development solutions, where we take care of every aspect of your project, from concept to execution, providing a seamless experience. 

Turnkey Development

Explore the comprehensive range of services offered by Cahero EPC, meticulously designed to meet your EPC needs. We provide holistic solutions encompassing every aspect of engineering, procurement, and construction, ensuring seamless project delivery from initial concept through to completion. Our expert engineering team utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and innovative methodologies to create detailed, optimized designs tailored to your specific requirements, focusing on performance, safety, and sustainability. Our robust procurement services ensure the sourcing of top-quality materials and equipment, leveraging a reliable network of suppliers to guarantee timely delivery and adherence to budget. During the construction phase, our seasoned professionals manage all aspects, from site preparation to execution and quality assurance, maintaining the highest standards of safety and precision. Comprehensive project management oversees every stage, ensuring clear communication, resource management, and risk mitigation, all aimed at exceeding client expectations. Additionally, our commitment to sustainability is integrated into every service, promoting eco-friendly practices and sustainable design principles to minimize environmental impact and ensure long-term viability. At Cahero EPC, our extensive range of services is designed to drive success and innovation, delivering exceptional results tailored to your unique project needs.


Dive into our environmental responsibility initiatives, where we prioritize eco-friendly practices, reduce environmental impact, and promote conservation. 

Environmental Responsibility

Discover our social initiatives that aim to make a positive impact on communities, education, and society as a whole. 

Social Initiatives

Explore our sustainable practices, where innovation meets responsibility to create long-lasting, environmentally-friendly solutions. 

Sustainable Practices

Understand our commitment to green technologies, where we leverage cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future. 

Green Technologies

Explore Cahero EPC's commitment to sustainability and learn how we integrate environmental and social responsibility into our core values. At Cahero EPC, our dedication to sustainability is deeply embedded in our operational framework, influencing every decision and action we undertake. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by utilizing eco-friendly materials, adopting energy-efficient technologies, and implementing sustainable construction practices that lower carbon emissions and enhance renewable energy usage. Our engineering and design teams are at the forefront of green innovation, crafting solutions that not only meet but exceed environmental standards. Additionally, we recognize the importance of social responsibility, striving to create positive impacts in the communities we serve. This commitment is reflected in our efforts to ensure safe and inclusive working conditions, promote diversity, and support local economies through job creation and community-focused initiatives. By investing in workforce development and providing continuous training opportunities, we empower our employees to achieve their full potential. Integrating these principles into our core values, Cahero EPC not only delivers outstanding engineering, procurement, and construction solutions but also contributes to a more sustainable and equitable future for all.


Explore our safety policies and the deep-rooted commitment to ensuring a safe working environment. 

Safety Policies and Commitment

Discover our comprehensive safety training programs that equip our teams with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a secure workplace.

Understand our incident reporting procedures, highlighting transparency and accountability in addressing safety concerns.

Incident Reporting

Learn about our safety culture, where safety isn't just a policy, but a way of life embedded in our organization's DNA.

Safety Culture

Learn about Cahero EPC's unwavering commitment to safety and how we prioritize the well-being of our employees and partners. At Cahero EPC, safety is ingrained in our corporate culture and operational procedures, reflecting our belief that a secure work environment is essential for the success of our projects. We enforce rigorous safety protocols, adhere to the highest industry standards, and conduct regular training sessions to ensure our team is well-equipped to handle potential hazards. Our comprehensive safety programs include meticulous risk assessments and the deployment of advanced safety equipment and technologies, fostering a culture where every team member takes personal responsibility for maintaining safety. This commitment extends to our partners and subcontractors, ensuring uniform adherence to our stringent safety guidelines across all project sites. By prioritizing the well-being of everyone involved, we protect our most valuable assets and enhance overall project efficiency and reliability. Our dedication to safety is evident in our exemplary safety records and our continuous improvement initiatives, underscoring our commitment to delivering high-quality, dependable EPC solutions without compromising the health and safety of our workforce and collaborators.


We are here to assist you. Whether you have inquiries about our services, want to discuss a potential project, or simply need more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


Review our comprehensive company policy, outlining our commitment to ethical behavior and compliance with legal and regulatory standards. 

Company Policy

Understand our commitment to combat corruption and unethical practices through our anti-corruption declaration.

Anti-Corruption Declaration

Learn about our measures to protect data privacy, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your information.

Data Protection

Discover our code of conduct that sets the ethical framework for our employees, partners, and stakeholders. 

Code of Conduct

Understand our specific principles of action that guide our decision-making processes and actions. 

Specific Principles of Action

Review our privacy notice, outlining how we collect, use, and protect your personal information. 

Privacy Notice

Explore our terms of use, providing guidelines for using our website and services. 

Terms of Use

Learn about our cookie policy, explaining how we use cookies to enhance your browsing experience on our website. 

Cookie Policy

Explore Cahero EPC's commitment to compliance and ethical standards, ensuring transparency and integrity in all our operations. At Cahero EPC, we uphold the highest levels of compliance and ethical conduct, recognizing that these principles are vital to building trust and maintaining our esteemed reputation in the industry. Our operations are guided by a robust framework of policies and procedures designed to ensure adherence to all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards, with regular audits and reviews to ensure continuous compliance and improvement. Transparency is a cornerstone of our business practices, characterized by open and honest communication with clients, partners, and stakeholders, providing clear and accurate information about our activities and decisions. Our commitment to integrity extends to every aspect of our operations, from the fair and ethical treatment of employees to responsible sourcing and procurement practices. We foster a culture where ethical behavior is expected and rewarded, encouraging all team members to act with honesty and integrity in all their dealings. By embedding compliance and ethical standards into our core values, Cahero EPC ensures that our operations are not only effective but also aligned with the highest moral and professional principles, reinforcing our dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices.


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